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Aleš Bulíř

...and the installation
Software Installation
First of all, you need to have installed the Matlab software. The associated software was tested on the Matlab versions 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009. Matlab is not a freeware! The full installation instructions were successfully tested on 32-bit Windows XP and Vista. We installed the software also on PCs running Windows 7, however, we did encounted occasional glitches due to the way Windows 7 partitions the hard disc.
Second, you need to install some freeware (a toolbox and graphical software). The Matlab software does not provide a specific toolbox for economic modeling and serves only as the environment for the necessary matrix algebra. You will need to install the IRIS toolbox, developed by Jaromír Beneš, which is a Matlab-based package for advanced macroeconomic modeling. Although the latest version of the IRIS toolbox can be downloaded from, after an agreement with Jaromír Beneš, we provide you with a package that contains an older version of the toolbox that is sufficient for our purposes.
Below is recommended installation of all the files. We strongly suggest following the instructions! Instalation instructions with screenshots are here.
A. Download and save the following two IRIS files into the newly created directory: c:/Modeling/iris-install:
1.                 the zip file;
2.                 the Matlab file installiris.m.
B. Download and save the X12 Census package for seasonal adjustment into c:/Modeling/x12.
C. Download MiKTeX version 2.9, Ghostcript and Ghostgum (GSView) packages into c:/Modeling/FS. Note that for space reasons, I do no longer host the full installation MiKTeX package. 
X12 Installation
We start with the X12 Census installation:
1.     Go to c:/Modeling/x12;
2.     Execute the downloaded omegaxp.exe file. X12 Census will be installed in the same folder in a few seconds.
MikTeX Installation (if you already have MikTex installed, do not install it again)
1.     Go to the c:/Modeling/FS;
2.     Execute the downloaded file setup-2.9.****.exe file.
3.     Warning! The installation program first asks about the location of installation files, i.e., where to install MikTeX from, not where MiKTeX is to be installed. This question comes next.
4.   When asked for the installation folder, do not install MiKTeX into the automatically offered Program Files directory, but change the folder via browse option to c:/Modeling/texmf and install (this installation may take up to 30 minutes, depending on your computer).
Ghostscript and Ghostgum Installation (if you already have these files installed, do not install them again)
1.     Go to the c:/Modeling/FS;
2.     Execute gs814w32.exe and gsv46w32.exe files.  Both programs can be installed into the Program Files directory. Make sure that the option All users is selected.
IRIS Installation
1.     For this we start Matlab first.
2.     Set the ‘current directory’ (on the top of the screen) for the directory where the IRIS installation files were saved. In the default installation the address is c:/Modeling/iris-install;
3.     Write the command installiris in the Matlab command window, [enter].
4.     You will be asked for the desired IRIS Toolbox folder. Type c:/Modeling/iris-toolbox, [enter]. Note that Matlab is case sensitive and you must write your folder names exactly.
5.     You will be asked for the path to the LaTex (MiKTeX) program that you installed in the previous step. Type c:/Modeling/texmf/miktex/bin, [enter]. If you already have MikTex installed, look for the location of the bin subdirectory. Under most installations it can be found at c:/texmf/miktex/bin, so type this location instead.
6.     You will be asked for the path to the X12. Type c:/Modeling/x12, [enter].
7.     Now the IRIS Toolbox has been installed and the paths to MikTEX and X12 have been set.
Starting the IRIS Toolbox
Anytime you open Matlab for a modeling exercise you must path the IRIS Toolbox to the Matlab. This is done via Matlab’s command window typing: addpath c:/Modeling/iris-toolbox; irisstartup, [enter]. You receive the message ‘The IRIS Toolbox Version 4. 20061115  ready’. [Note that Matlab will remember the command and next time you type ‘a and push arrow up, Matlab will bring up the addpath... command.] Do not path the IRIS Toolbox via Seth Path option in the Matlab’s File menu.
Did you get a "missing file" message when running the modeling program?
Ocassionally two MikTex files do not get installed and Matlab installs them on the fly first time you try to run one of the Matlab modeling commands. Say yes to the installation request.
Just in case, here are instructions to install these two files manually (the files can be downloaded from here: rotating.sty and fancyhrd.sty). Save the files into c:\modeling\texmf\tex\latex\rotating and run the program c:\modeling\texmf\miktex\bin\mo.exe. When the new window is opened, select Refresh FNDB.