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Aleš Bulíř


Aleš Bulíř  (* January 22, 1964)
Office address:  International Monetary Fund; 700 19th Street NW, Washington, DC 20431, USA
email:; personal web: (with downloadable .pdfs of my papers)

Academic Achievements
• Associate Professor, Prague University of Economics
• PhD. (Economics), thesis on monetary targeting, Prague University of Economics, 1988-1992
• M.Sc. (Economics), London School of Economics and Political Science, 1991-1992
• Languages (other than English): Czech (native), Russian (fluent), German (passive)

• International Monetary Fund, Washington DC [1993 – present], Deputy Division Chief.  
• The Czech National Bank, Prague, 1992-1993, 2002/2003 (sabbatical leave, advisor to the Board)
• Prague University of Economics, Prague, Assistant and Associate Professor, 1987-1993, 2002/2003

Other Academic Activities
• Areas of expertise: (i) central bank communication; (ii) the role of IMF in financial crises; (iii) economic modeling; (iv) the role of development aid and aid volatility; (v) debt relief
• Reviewer for leading academic journals; served as Associate Editor
• Member of the External Research Committee of the Czech National Bank, 2001-06

Selective List of Recent Publications
1. “Monetary Transmission: Are Emerging Market and Low-Income Countries Different?” forthcoming Journal of Policy Modelling (with J. Vlček)
2. “An Index for Transparency for Inflation-Targeting Central Banks: Application to the Czech National Bank,” 2018 IMF Working paper (with D. Laxton and others)
3. “Morocco: A Practical Approach to Monetary Policy Analysis in a Country with Capital Controls,” 2018 IMF Working paper (with D. Laxton and others)
4. “What Do Central Banks Know About Inflation Factors?”, 2016 Open Economies Review (with J. Hurník, K. Šmídková)
5.  “The Dynamic Implications of Debt Relief for Low-Income Countries,” 2015 Review of Development Finance (with A. Romero-Barrutieta, J. Rodríguez-Delgado)
6.  “Writing Clearly: The ECB's Monetary Policy Communication,” 2013 German Economic Review (with M. Čihák, K. Šmídková)
7. “Clarity of Central Bank Communication About Inflation,” 2012 Open Economies Review (with M. Čihák, DJ Jansen)
8.  “Monetary Policy Rules with Financial Instability, 2011 Czech Journal of Economics and Finance (with S. Bauducco, M. Čihák)
9. “Inflation Convergence in the Euro Area: Just Another Gimmick?” 2009 Journal of Financial Economic Policy (with J. Hurník)
10.  “The Dynamic Implications of Foreign Aid and its Variability,” 2009 Journal of Development Economics (with C. Arellano, T. Lane, and L. Lipschitz)
11.  “Volatility of Development Aid: From the Frying Pan into the Fire?” 2008 World Development (with A. Hamann)
12. “Why Has Inflation in the European Union Stopped Converging?” 2008 Journal of Policy Modeling (with J. Hurník)
13.  “Sustainable Real Exchange Rates in the New Accession Countries: What Have We Learned from the Forerunners?” Economic Systems, 2005, Vol. 29, No. 2 (with K. Šmídková)
14. “Is Fiscal Adjustment More Durable When the IMF is Involved?” 2004 Comparative Economic Studies (with S. Moon)
15. “Aid Volatility: An Empirical Assessment,” 2003 IMF Staff Papers (with A. Hamann).
16.  “IMF-Supported Programs in Capital Account Crises,” 2002 IMF Occasional Paper (with A. Ghosh, T. Lane, M. Schultze-Ghattas, J. Hamann, and A. Mourmouras).