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Aleš Bulíř

Suggested readings and listenings
Monetary Policy and the Transmission Mechanism
Tavlas G, Dellas H, Stockman A, 2008, "The Classification and Performance of Alternative Exchange-Rate Systems," Bank of Greece Working Paper No. 60.
Ireland, Peter N., 2005, "The Monetary Transmission Mechanism," Working Papers No. 06-1 (Federal Reserve Bank of Boston).
Monetary Transmission under Stress
Let's start with some really good explanation by Bird and Fortune...
...but if you insist, here are "paper" readings
Borio, Claudio, and Piti Disyatat, 2009, "Unconventional Monetary Policies: An Appraisal," BIS Working Paper 292.
Ishi, Kotaro, Mark Stone, and Etienne B. Yehoue, 2009, "Unconventional Central Bank Measures for Emerging Economies," IMF Working Paper 09/226.
Monetary analysis
Masuch K, Pill H, Willeke C, 2001, "Framework and Tools of Monetary Analysis", in Klockers HJ, Willeke C ed. Monetary Analysis: Tools and Applications, European Central Bank, Frankfurt am Main.
Orphanides A, Porter RD, 2001, "Money and Inflation: The Role of Information Regarding the Determinants of M2 Behaviour", in Klockers HJ, Willeke C ed. Monetary Analysis: Tools and Applications, European Central Bank, Frankfurt am Main.
Frait, J. & Komarek, L. & Kulhanek, L., 2000. "P-Star-Model Based Analysis of Inflation Dynamic in the Czech Republic," The Warwick Economics Research Paper Series (TWERPS) 565, University of Warwick.
Introduction to New-Keynesian Economics
Blanchard, Olivier, 2008, "The State of Macro," NBER Working Paper 14259. (Cambridge: National Bureau of Economic Research). [NOT AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD]
Krugman, Paul, 2009, "How Did Economists Get It So Wrong?," The New York Times. [BUT YOU NEED TO REGISTER AT NY Times; the registration itself is free]
Walsh, Carl, 2010, “Monetary Theory and Policy,” The MIT Press. [NOT AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD]
Clarida, Richard, Jordi Gali and Mark Gertler, 1999, "The Science of Monetary Policy: A New Keynesian Perspective," Journal of Economic Literature, Vol XXXVII.
Supplementary: Gertler, Mark and Nobu Kiyotaki, 2009, "Financial Intermediation and Credit Policy in Business Cycle Analysis."
Convergence, Monetary Policy, and the Exchange Rate
Holub T, Čihák M, 2003, "Price Convergence: What Can the Balassa-Samuelson Model Tell Us?" Czech National Bank Working Paper 2003/8.
Beneš J, Hurník J, Vávra D, 2008, "Exchange Rate Management and Inflation Targeting: Modeling the Exchange Rate in Reduced-Form New Keynesian Models", Czech Journal of Economics and Finance, 58 (3-4), pp. 166-194.
Monetary Operations and Tools of Monetary Policy
Alexander, William, and others, 1996, "Adopting Indirect Instruments of Monetary Policy," Finance & Development, Vol. 33 (March), pp. 14–17.
Disyatat, Piti, 2008, "Monetary Policy Implementation: Misconceptions and their Consequences," BIS Working Paper No. 269 (Basel: Bank for International Settlements).
Bank of England Quarterly Bulletin: Autumn 2004.
Inflation: Concepts and Measurement

Clark, Todd E., 2001, "Comparing Measures of Core Inflation," Economic Review, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, Second Quarter, pp. 5–31.
Also, reading a good inflation report gives useful insights regarding the impact of various inflation factors. See, for example, any inflation report prepared by staff of the Czech National Bank.
Near-Term Forecasts
Castle, Jennifer L., Nicolas W.P. Fawcett and David F. Hendry, 2009, "Nowcasting is Not Just Contemporaneous Forecasting," National Institute Economic Review, Vol. 210, No. 1, pp.71–89.
Aruoba, S. Boragan and Diebold, Francis X., 2010, "Real-Time Macroeconomic Monitoring: Real Activity, Inflation, and Interactions," PIER Working Paper No. 10-002.
Philadelphia Fed maintains an application of the Aruoba-Diebold-Scotti business conditions index. A good example of nowcasting.
Modeling lectures (there are three: Introduction; Calibration; and Long-run Trends)

Germans do not need forecasting models, they have Paul...
... for everybody else, here are the readings:
IMF Institute, 2010, “Handout for the Modeling Workshop” (unpublished; Washington: IMF Institute). [TO BE ADDED]
Berg, Andrew, and others, 2006, "Practical Model-Based Monetary Policy Analysis—A How-To Guide," IMF Working Paper 06/81 (Washington: International Monetary Fund)
Beneš J., N’Diaye P., 2004, "A Multivariate Filter for Measuring Potential Output and the NAIRU: Application to the Czech Republic," IMF Working Paper 04/45, International Monetary Fund.
Basdevant O., 2003, "On Applications of State-Space Modeling in Macroeconomics" Reserve Bank of New Zealand Discussion Paper Series 2003/02
Andrle, Michal, Tibor Hlédik, Ondra Kameník and Jan Vlček, 2010, "Implementing the New Structural Model of the Czech National Bank," Economic Research Bulletin, Vol. 8, No. 1, pp. 2–7.
Zdeněk Tůma's guest lecture ("On Euro: Not A Panacea")
The lecture is available here (because of its size, I put it on an external site) and the background paper is available from the Czech Journal of Economics and Finance, issue 3/2010. The lecture charts on inflation were based on the Bulíř-Hurník paper.